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Καρπενήσι, Μονή Προυσσού, Ιερά Μονή Αγάθωνος |
Μοναστήρι της Παναγίας Προυσιώτισσας |
Κεφαλόβρυσο |
Ιερά Μονή Αγάθωνος, το οικολογικό μοναστήρι |
Υπάτη στην πλαγιά της Οίτης  |

Karpenisi, Monastery Agathonos

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1st Day

Departure to Lamia, early in the morning. There we will make a short stop. After passing Tymfristos and Karpennisi, we will continue to the Prousos village, Pilgrimage to the Monastery of Panagia of Prousiotissa, which built on a steep cliff, the landscape enchants the visitor.

The temple is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, founders maybe were Dionyssios and Timotheos. Return to Karpenissi and check in at hotel.

2nd Day

After breakfast we will depart for Kefalovryso where we will make a short stop and then we will continue to Korichades, the beautifully preserved village with many mansions. Visit to Mikro Chorio, hillside of trees and then to Megalo Chorio. . Pilgrimage to the Monastery Agathon, the "eco-monastery," as it is called.

Built near the Ypati on the slopes of Iti, in a beautiful natural landscape. Nowadays few murals preserved due to ravages of time and the destructive fury Dramali who torched the Catholic (1822). But had rescued many valuable artifacts and relics.Arrival in Athens late in the afternoon.